Chapter 17
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and for ​Recovery of Criminal Proceeds Bill
and commentary


17.1This Part contains our recommended Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and for Recovery of Criminal Proceeds Bill (Mutual Assistance Bill) and commentary on selected provisions.

17.2As with our Extradition Bill, the Mutual Assistance Bill is designed to give a clear illustration of our policy. It is indicative drafting only and further work would be required before the Bill would be ready for introduction in Parliament.

17.3The following provisions in the Bill are the subject of commentary:

17.4We have not provided commentary on every provision in the Bill. This is because the policy behind most is either clear on the face of the particular provision in the Bill, or because it is clearly outlined in the preceding chapters of this Report. Instead, the commentary focuses on those provisions where:

(a) particularly significant words or phrases in the provision warrant further explanation; or

(b) the provision is not self-explanatory and the policy behind it is not explained elsewhere in the Report.