The Law Commission gratefully acknowledges all the people and organisations that provided input during this review. We would particularly like to thank the individuals, organisations and government departments who made submissions or expressed their views during consultation meetings. A list of all those who provided comment, including through formal submissions, can be found in Appendix A.

During the course of the review we were fortunate to discuss the issues raised in this Report with members of the Bench, in both New Zealand and Canada. We also spoke to officials in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom who have specialised expertise in extradition and mutual assistance law. We are particularly grateful for all of their time and input.

In addition we are very grateful for the valuable contribution of the Parliamentary Counsel Office. We would like to acknowledge the work of Bill Moore, Cathy Rodgers and Alana Belin on the two draft Bills, which form an integral part of this Report.

The Commissioners responsible for this review were Geoff McLay and Judge Peter Boshier. The legal and policy advisers for this Report were Kate Salmond, Paul Comrie-Thomson and Kristen Ross. We also acknowledge the contribution of past and present legal and policy advisers who have undertaken work on this project: Marion Clifford, Susan Hall and Bridget Fenton and of our law clerks Asher Emanuel, Jacob Meagher and Henry Hillind.